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Storytelling In A New Dimension

StoriYa gives users a new, social-style way of interacting with content on websites. Whether you are a publisher or e-commerce site, StoriYa offers a fresh and dynamic way to engage a modern mobile audience.

Create An Unmatched Story Experience.

For Publishers

Highlight and promote top stories, breaking news, and behind-the-scenes stories. A second format of StoriYa located in the body of the article boosts overall page engagement.

For E-commerce

Showcase your brand collections, highlight offers, promote seasonal sales, or even promote your influencers/models in video campaigns!

For Travel

Highlight top destinations and hot offers or show case your seasonal packages and great prices!


Dashboard included

Everything you need to get started

StoriYa can be totally automated: with zero fuss you can set it up to pull in existing Instagram stories, or turn on personalized content recommendations. But you can also use our powerful dashboard to create great stories from scratch, with video, images, text effects, social sharing, and content from Twitter and Pinterest.


They trust us... would you?

Do you have questions?

Not sure how how to use StoriYa or how it will increase interaction with your digital assets?

StoriYa brings the popular social experience and “Story” format onto content sites and delivers content in a modern and mobile-friendly format. Advertisers also love the format, which has grown spectacularly. StoriYa offers higher engagement and new revenue which would otherwise migrate to social platforms.
StoriYa engages users who by now are very familiar with the format from social media. Once inside StoriYa, they swipe between items and stories naturally, engaging with your content and with ads. StoriYa’s second unit, located at the article depth average where users are likely to leave the page, will keep users on-site, discovering more content.
StoriYa is FREE. We generate revenue from advertising located between the stories wherever you decide – and we share the revenue.
Of course. Our powerful dashboard not only enables content creation and editing but also allows you to track engagement metrics and financial performance.
There are many ways to bring content to StoriYa. The simplest is to pull in your existing Instagram stories automatically. You can also build new stories via our CMS that imports videos and photos, does text effects and polls, and pulls in content from Twitter and Pinterest. The automatic default is personalized content recommendations from your site delivered in a dynamic, modern, sharable manner.
There’s no strain at all on your development team: StoriYa is installed with simple Javascript integration that can be up in minutes. You tell us how you’d like it customized – and we will take care of the rest.

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